Share the road


In alignment with the Non-Motorised Transport policy, the THEMES pillars for a ”Greater Lagos” and the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN, the campaign aims to accomplish the following;

Educate all road users on their obligation to share the road.

Reinforce the use of highway code.

Encourage road safety etiquette / courtesy.

Promote Walking, Running and Cycling awareness as well as a behavioral shift.


Safety is an integral part of this campaign, so it should be taken seriously. The safety of all road users including pedestrians and cyclists must be seen as paramount.

The tone of the overall campaign (both in look and feel) would be



AND DRAMATIC – enough to draw attention to the issues

In conjunction with ACF and Lagos State Parks and Garden Agency (LASPARK), we plan to covert idle spaces/ road and drainage setbacks into safe eco-friendly bicycle & recreational parks with cycle paths which may eventually be incorporated into the cities cycling network.

The first of such bike parks would be situated along the Freedom Way in Lekki Phase 1.

Quotes from our webinar “Bicycles as a driver of Post COVID-19 green recovery”;


  • “Building cities for cycling will not only lead to cleaner air and safer streets, it would save people and government a lot of money which can be spent on other things which, I think is smart urban policy.”

  – Dr Frederic Oladiende, HC Transport


  • “The One Health Initiative: Recognizes that the health of the human population is directly influenced by the health of the environment, animals, and plants. We are all interconnected. Cycling, whether as a means of transport or for recreational purpose is an activity that can be seen to contribute to this initiative.”

  – Prof. Emmanuel Akinola Abayomi, HC Health


  • “We have data to tell us that what the ministry has done in the study carried out that, the greenhouse gasses emissions before the pandemic contributed to Five Million One Hundred and Ninety thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety Seven (5,190,997) tones of CO2 equivalent emissions to the transport sector. Another study revealed that CO2 emissions reduced by minus seventeen (-17) in early April due to COVID-19 protocols. This shows us that there’s need for people to either walk or cycle and limit the burning of fossil fuels which are contributors to greenhouse gases emission.”

  – Mrs Odeneye, PS Min. Of Env for Mr Tunji Bello, HC Environment