Our safety rules define the behaviour we expect from members, in order to promote safe cycling and protect the reputation of the club sponsors and sport. As safety is paramount to the cycling experience, it is the responsibility of each member to practice safety towards other cyclists, motorists, and road users, by cycling responsibly and avoiding any action that could jeopardize fellow cyclists. WE THINK SAFETY!


Continued disregard for safety provisions will lead to a verbal reprimand followed by disciplinary action and possible expulsion from the club.


Safety Rules


  • Indicate with hand signs potential hazards such as approaching vehicles and potholes. See hand signs
  • Never use your cell phone whilst cycling without an earpiece
  • We cycle in a single file where there is no road shoulder and in twos where there is a shoulder or as instructed by the group leader.
  • Respect fellow road users and obey the rules of the road
  • Always obey traffic lights unless otherwise stipulated by the group leader
  • Obey instructions from your group leaders at all times
  • In the event of a mechanical fault or other emergency, ensure that the ride captain or marshal is aware so that the group can be stopped. Cycology never leaves members alone on the road.
  • Do not move injured cyclists, in case there is a likelihood of injury until professional help arrives. See emergency numbers
  • KEEP AN EVEN PACE– do not brake or slow down unexpectedly, be aware that there is a compounding effect for cyclists behind you
  • BE PREDICTABLE– ride in a consistent manner, keep in line and do not swerve or move unexpectedly
  • DO NOT HOLD UP TRAFFIC-it is not advisable to ride in twos on a single lane and busy roads where motor vehicles are frequently passing through. Only ride in twos where the road is quiet, there is a tarred verge and/or a double lane.
  • DO NOT HIT THE BRAKES SUDDENLY– look ahead at what is happening on the road and in the bunch and anticipate the moves by the cyclists ahead of you.
  • GROUP LEADER– each group has a group leader
  • MARSHAL– will be in attendance on Saturday Club rides to provide back up & support and encourage the slower riders. The club Sag Wagon will carry First-aid Kit, Tubes, etc. It will also be adequately signed to warn other road users of a cycle ride in progress & will have a flashing hazard light.


The following are extremely important, so please take note:


  • HELMET– must be worn on all rides.
  • GLOVES AND GLASSES– are important and recommended protective gear.
  • LIGHTS (both front and rear)– must be utilized whenever riding in the dark and visible to oncoming vehicles. It is recommended that rear “flashers” be used even in the daytime to alert other road users of your presence.
  • REFLECTORS (belts or anklets)– should be worn when riding in the dark in such a way that they are visible to traffic.
  • ROAD WORTHINESS– of bicycles and equipment must be maintained.
  • CELL PHONE– should be carried for safety in event of a breakdown, crash, or getting lost
  • PERSONAL ROAD ID Tags– are compulsory on all club rides and must be worn on the person. It ensures speedy identification, evacuation, and treatment in an emergency.
  • BIKE SKILLS– learn to handle your bike confidently in all situations. Attend bike skills training arranged by the Club or ask someone experienced to assist you. You need to know how to ride through corners, how to “jump” over obstacles, what to do when your handlebars lock, when you bump into a fellow cyclist or when your front wheel connects with the rear wheel of the bike in front, etc
  • IDENTIFY DANGEROUS RIDERS– cycling together in bunches requires strict enforcement of discipline to ensure everybody’s safety. It is imperative that your report, to the Ride and/or group leader, any incidents by cyclists where their actions endanger other cyclists & where they transgress any road laws. Please provide facts and details.

We share our rides on our Strava club group. There is also some healthy (but sensible) competition for certain segments. This group is for members only.